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Shipping Policies

Once an order has been placed you will receive communication from me by email confirming all corals are properly healed and ready to ship.  If anything needs to be freshly cut we will want to give the corals at least 7 days to properly heal in my system before shipping.  I will confirm a shipping date that works for you. My goal is to work out a day that works well for you where you will be home the majority of the day to receive the corals. You can also email me directly at to let me know a date you prefer. If for any reason you would like your order held for longer than 2 weeks please email me directly at


All Shipments are shipped using FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping. Most Shipments will arrive by 10:00am the next morning. Some areas may arrive as late as 8:00pm. I will ship Monday through Wednesday to arrive Tuesday through Thursday. Please send me an email if you have any questions around the shipping and delivery of your order.  Currently I am only shipping to the continental 48 States. I am unable to ship to Hawaii or Alaska at this time. No Refunds or credits will be given for shipping under any circumstances. 

Coral Flat Rate Shipping:

A flat rate shipping fee will be charged to your order based on the total dollar amount of the order. 

  •   $0.00 - $125.00                 $55

  • ​$125.00 - $225.00               $45

  • $225.00 - $325.00               $35

  • $325.00 and up                  $0


Each coral will be protected from trauma during transit in sealed bags. Most frags will be protected with rigid plastic cups and double or triple bagged depending on the coral. All bags will be placed in an insulated box with a cardboard cover and additional padding to help minimize movement. The box may or may not contain heat or cold packs which will be determined by environmental conditions. The boxes will also be labeled to help promote proper handling of the package. 

Please note I do not ship around any major holidays (New Years, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) due to the increased shipping around this time. 

With these shipping methods I have achieved over a 99%+ survival rate! 

Chaeto Ships Free

The price of chaeto already includes shipping. If you purchase this item separately please choose the Chaeto Shipping Option so you do not get charged to ship it. Chaeto can be included in your box of corals or can be sent separately. If it is sent separately it is sent USPS Priority 1 to 3 days depending on where you are located. It will arrive in a bag with very little water. It will not include a heat or cold pack unless it is shipped in extreme weather conditions. A tracking number will be provided so you can track the item and make sure you are there when it arrives.  

Again if you have any questions please send me an email at

Thank you for visiting and for your business!

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