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Welcome to I have been obsessed with reefing since 2011. After a few years as a hobbyist I started collecting SPS and never looked back. As my obsession grew so did my coral real estate. I am now running a total system water volume of around 1350 Gallons including a 400 gallon display, three frag tanks, and hundreds of feet of pvc piping to tie it all together. That system is packed to the gills with SPS, Euphyllia, Zoanthids, and much much more. I have spent years amassing and growing my collection to what it is today.

My mission is to provide reefers with the healthiest and most vibrantly colored frags that will look amazing in your own systems. From beginner corals to high end SPS, we have something you will love for years to come. 

Thanks for checking us out. Also feel free to check me out on YouTube or Follow me on Instagram. 

Happy reefing!

Jon Smith

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